Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Families Quarantined Due to Contagious Diseases, Union County, 1918

“Report of Quarantine Officer,” from the Monroe Journal, April 5, 1918. “R” followed by a number means the person lived in a rural free delivery route. Entire families were quarantined to prevent spreading the contagious diseases, not just the sick family members.

During the month of March the following cases of contagious diseases have been reported in Union County:
Whooping Cough
Nettie Starnes, Katherine Starnes, Estelle Starnes, Rachael Helms, Dewey Helms, Bessie Stegall, Troy Stegall, Indian Trail;
Beulah Helms, Child of Jarvis Pressley, R1, Indian Trail;
Baby of H.J. Hallman, David Perkins, Emmet Ashcraft, Baby of Graham Hearon, Baby of Frank Marsh, Marshville;
Wilson Porter, Robert Payne, Helen Freeman, Lillian Warren, Wade Cress Jr. (Col.), B.C. Hinson Jr., Margaret Laney, Monroe;
Blanche Foard, R18, Matthews;
Mrs. Joseph Haigler, Unionville.
Miss Kate Shepherd, Monroe
Scarlet Fever
Baby of Copeland Helms, R1, Indian Trail;
Curtis Partridge, R3, Monroe;
Minnie Drake, Monroe;
Joseph Haley, R1, Wingate.
Eula Brooks, R2, Unionville
Fred Haley (Col.) R6, Monroe

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