Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Farmers Needing Loans Should Visit County Agent, 1941

“Loans for Aiding Farmers With Their Crops Are Now Available in This County” from the Thursday, May 1, 1941, issue of the Burlington Daily Times-News.
J.D. Wordsworth, field supervisor of the emergency crop and feed loan office, farm credit administration, announced today that crop loans to pay for fertilizer, feed, seed, etc., will be available until about June 15 this year.
The present world crisis makes it desirable that every American farmer be given an opportunity to render a national service by growing more food and feed crops. Those farmers, who are eligible and need financial help, may apply for these loans.
Applications are being received in every county. Farmers in Alamance county should meet the field supervisor at the county agent’s office in Graham on any Monday afternoon or Thursday and their applications will be taken.

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