Monday, July 30, 2018

Wallowy Startown Road Captures Three Benzine Buggies, 1918

“Startown Section Had Good Shower,” from the Hickory Daily Record, July 27, 1918

The Record is reliably informed that the Startown section was visited by a good shower yesterday afternoon. It is said that there were evidences of the rain in the road leading from the Startown school to Craig Shuford’s farm, where Uncle Craig and Professor McIntosh entertained a party of Hickory sports—and here the term is used advisedly—last night and this morning.

The men, about a dozen all told, went down in three automobiles and struck the rain belt about the time they reached the Dutch Dairy farms. Nature was a little better to the crops from that point on to Uncle Craig’s house, and the roads presented a wallowy appearance as the three benzine buggies worried over it. Another automobile joined the party from Newton.

Just as the first two automobiles started out of the front yard, and after Dr. W.B. Ramsay remarked that home was not just around the corner, a rear axle snapped. Two cars had glided out safely, and that left two machines there to look after the load—and one of them was out of action. Along towards 1 o’clock a happy thought struck Mack and he and Gus Self motored to Mr. McGill’s close by and borrowed his Buick, and at 1:15 the two machines started home—but they came by way of Newton. Mack was driving the borrowed machine and when he got to town he put in some more gasoline and returned. Mack is sure some hard working man.

But the crops were looking fine and Uncle Craig’s cotton was as good as any seen in the county. The young corn along the road, especially that at the Dutch Dairy Farm, was looking straight up, and all other crops were doing the same.

Those in the party visiting the genial hosts were J.D. Elliott, Dr. W.B. Ramsay, W.A. Self, B.B. Blackwelder, L.F. Abernethy, A.G. Kirkpatrick, A.K. Joy, Rev. W.W. Rowe, Charles H. Geitner, and S.H. Farabee.

There was evidence that the house was filled with smoke, as the good weeds were burned up, because one of the little Macks said so—in his own way. The youngster liked the comments that were made on those fine peaches and cantaloupes that were passed around so freely.

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