Thursday, August 23, 2018

New Steamship Sunk by Submarine 300 Miles Off Sandy Hook, 1918

“New Steamship Submarined Off Sandy Hook,” from the Commonwealth, Scotland Neck, N.C., August 23, 1918

At an Atlantic seaport, Aug. 23—The British steamship Diamond, a new vessel, has been sunk by a submarine about 300 miles off Sandy Hook.

The crew of 100 with four officers reached here aboard another steamship, which picked them up after their ship had been sunk 48 hours, during which time the men had been in the lifeboats.

The Diamond was sunk by shell fire in which several men were injured by splinter. None were killed.
The vessel was owned by the Booth Steamship Company of New York and plied between New York and South Atlantic ports.

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