Saturday, August 25, 2018

What Boy Scouts Can Do to Help Win War, 1918

“How Scouts Can Help Nation,” from Scout News and Bulletin, as reprinted in the Hickory Daily Record, Scotland Neck, N.C., August 23, 1918

Offer your services to some gardener as a patrol. He will be able to pay you for your labor. Make his crop the best in your neighborhood. Show the world that the Boy Scouts can rise to any emergency.
Plant a garden at home. No matter how small the space. Forego the flower garden this season. Plant vegetables. If you have no garden, use a window box. You will be delighted with the results no matter how small the crop. Do it now.

Offer your services to your teacher to help in securing the necessary information to establish school and home gardens. Don’t be a slacker.

Ask your city officials to organize to help conserve the food supply of our country. Have then offer vacant space for cultivation. Show your patriotism. Arouse theirs.

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