Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Privates Owensby and Tayloe Killed in Action, Sept. 4, 1918

“Today’s Casualty List,” from the Sept. 4, 1918 issue of the Hickory Daily Record
Washington, Sept. 4—The second section of the army casualty list shows:
Killed in action, 53
Missing in action, 75
Wounded severely, 166
Died of disease, 15
Wounded, degree undetermined, 78
Died of wounds, 7
Died from airplane accident, 2
Died from accident and other causes, 6
Total, 402
Included in the last are the following from North Carolina:
Killed in Action
Private Lola L. Owensby of Fletcher, Route 3
Wounded Severely
Private George Holder of Winston-Salem
Private Joe M. Parker of Stems, Route 1
Private James F. Shoemaker of Newhope
Wounded, Degree Undetermined
Private James. P. Hicks of Canton
Missing In Action
Corporal Mitchell O. Huffman of Reddies River
Mechanic James E. Swangune of Asheville
The first section contains 406 names divided as follows: Killed in action, 57; missing in action, 95, wounded severely, 143; died of wounds, 14; died from accident and other causes, 5; wounded degree undetermined, 82; died of disease, 8; died from airplane accient, 2; total, 406
The list includes the following from North Carolina:
Killed in Action
Private Jonathan Tayloe of Windsor
Wounded Severely
Corporal Lester R. Wall of East Bend
Private James L. Cushing of Rosemary
Private Walter L. Jones of Franklinsville
Private Clarence L. Waters of Winston-Salem

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