Thursday, November 15, 2018

C.C. Hodges Requests Ruling Against 'Worthless Dogs', 1918

From the Brevard News, Thursday, November 14, 1918

Dogs Vs. Sheep

Nov. 9, 1918
Mr. Thos. H. Shipman, Food Administrator, Transylvania County
Brevard, N.C.
My dear Mr. Shipman:

With a great many others I bought Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps as long as my money lasted, then bought Liberty Bonds on credit, under the government installment plan. I’ve not only reduced sugar consumption, but cut it out altogether. I’ve not only reduced my meat consumption, but cut that out as well.

I’ve eaten 51% substitutes in wheat break, and stand ready to meet every demand our food administration makes.

What I saw during our drive for sale of Fourth Liberty Bonds made me almost envy the dog. The common every-day cur, one to three, at nearly every house, the destroyer of our sheep, the consumer of food stuff sufficient to feed one hog to the family. I appeal to you, as County Food Administrator, to not raise our rations up to equal the cur, but to rule against the cur, that his rations may be reduced accordingly.

Seriously, if the worthless dog could be disposed of our country would be alive with sheep. The food saved by the annihilation of the dog, and the meats and wool we could produce if the dog was out of the way would go far towards feeding and clothing the starving humanity within the war devastated country.
Yours truly,
C.C. Hodges

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