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Mount Airy Celebrates Peace, Other Local News Items, Nov. 14, 1918

From The Mount Airy News, Nov. 14, 1918

This city and section rejoiced greatly last Monday when Peace was announced. All day the news was the only subject of talk and at night hundreds of people gathered on the streets of the city and celebrated in a quiet way. Some rode in automobiles and waved flags and made all kinds of noises, but the great majority quietly spent the hours talking with friends of the good news. Every man and every woman and child is glad and overjoyed that the war is over.

The local fire company has been having its troubles. Recently the Commissioners elected a truck driver who is not satisfactory to Chief Webb and assistant Chief Steele. And so they have both resigned, and along with them some other members of the company. Another Chief will be elected and given the opportunity to organize a company.

The school at the Franklin school house will open Monday, November 18, with the following teachers: Miss Leannah Hutchens, Principal, and Miss Alma Taylor, Mrs. Etta Jones, and Miss Eda Redman. It is very important that each pupil be there at the start of the school.

Mrs. George Ashby and little daughter of Portland, Oregon, are guests of her sister, Mrs. T.B. Ashby on South Main street. Mrs. Ashby will remain in North Carolina until her husband returns from the service of his country.

Dr. Moore of Stokes County has located in this city for the practice of his profession as physician. For the present Dr. and Mrs. Moore are occupying rooms in Mrs. Cora Hollingsworth’s home on Main street.

Mr. and Mrs. T.B. McCargo have decided to move to town for this winter. After this week they hwill be at home at the Gilmer residence on Pine street.

Private Caldwell Howell of Fort McPherson, Ga., is spending a few days at the Blue Ridge Inn in this city.

Private Cecil Carter of Camp Humphries, Va., is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carter of this city.

Mr. T.N. Brock has returned from Camp Humphries, Va., where he visited his nephew who is recovering from influenza and pneumonia.

Mrs. John Jones was called to Norfolk Wednesday by a message telling her of the illness of her husband in that city.

Private Abner Deatheridge of Camp Sevier arrived yesterday to spend some time with relatives in this city.

Dobson Court

A one week term of court is in session at Dobson for the trial of criminal causes. UP to noon Thursday most of the time was taken up trying criminal cases that are of no general interest and carried small fines except one case, that of W.T. Baugus of the western part of the county. He was convicted of making liquor and will most likely get a prison sentence.
The trial of five men charged with the murder of old man Riley Easter some months ago commenced Thursday at noon and is it is supposed that it will consume the remainder of the term.

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