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Mrs. Fearings' Apron Brigade Wants Support of Men, April 16, 1919

From The Independent, Elizabeth City N.C., Friday, April 16, 1919. To see a nice photo of Mrs. James G. Fearing, go to

Organizing an Apron Brigade. . . But Women Want Men to Don Overalls and Take the Lead

Elizabeth City may soon find itself in overalls and bungalow aprons in line with Birmingham, Newport News and other cities, in protest against the high price of clothing. Mrs. James G. Fearing, a leader in most things feminine in Elizabeth City, has taken the initiative in the organization of a Bungalow Apron Brigade. She stated yesterday that most of the women on Main Street were lined up, but none had the nerve as yet to come down town in their aprons. Mrs. Fearing believes the men should organize an overall brigade and make the first public appearance. If the men will make the start, the women will the more quickly and enthusiastically fall into line.

Overall Clubs and Apron Brigades are being organized all over the country in protest against the high prices of clothing. Congressman John H. Small, who was in the city Wednesday, said he was included to get into overalls himself. He admitted that Congress doesn’t know what to do to lower the cost of things.

The organization of Mrs. Fearing’s Apron Brigade is being watched with interest by merchants. There are some who do not believe society women generally in this city will “stick” in such an organization.
(The article mentions bungalow aprons, which don’t look anything like today’s aprons or even the aprons of the 1940s. To see what they looked like, go to

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