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Methodist Churches Raising Funds, May 19, 1919

From the Hickory Daily Record, Monday, May 19, 1919

Granite Falls Has Passed Over Top

A telephone message from Granite Falls yesterday stated that the Methodist church there had raised over $8,046 and expected to reach $10,000 before night. Its allotment was $6,500 and Chairman D.H. Warlick and his workers went over the top before the morning service. The news of Sunday’s good work was confirmed in a message to the Record today from Mr. A.M. Martin.


Hickory Church Has $16,000 of Quota

With $16,000 of the $25,000 allotted to the First Methodist Church to be raised in the next five years, canvassers out yesterday and today reported a total of $16,000 to Chairman W.H. Nicholson today, and there would be little doubt that the full amount would be secured. The committee members reported interest in the work and practically every member seen promised to help the cause along.

The percentage raised here was higher than that reported throughout the territory of the Southern Methodist Church as a whole, and probably better than the average in this state.

Charlotte reported a full quota and West Hickory and Granite Falls are far ahead of their quota, it was announced today.

The campaign will continue here until the full amount is in sight.


West Hickory Church Exceeds Allotment

West Hickory Methodist Church, with $940 allotted to it, raised $1,300 yesterday for the centenary fund, Rev. J.A. Peeler, pastor, reported today. The members were enthusiastic. Mr.W.P. Whiting was chairman of the soliciting committee, the others being Messrs. Frank Benfield, Jackson Moss, W.L. Newton, W.R. Icard, Boyd Keesler, Harley Chester and D.P. Bolick.

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