Wednesday, August 7, 2019

John Swaney Facing Charges Under White Slave Act, Aug. 7, 1919

From The Review, High Point, N.C., Thursday, Aug. 7, 1919

Girl Swaney Carried Away Was His Niece. . . Rosa McDowell Said to be From High Point. . . John Swaney Has a Family Here

That a young woman, Rosa McDowell, who said she was from Graham, taken to Virginia by John E. Swaney, young man from Greensboro, who has a wife and three children here, was his niece, a daughter of his sister, and was from High Point, became known yesterday, after local officers had forwarded Virginia officials all the information about Swaney they were able to secure.

Swaney is under arrest in Danville charged with a violation of the Mann white slave act, on complaint of the McDowell girl, who told the officers Swaney lured her away from her home in Graham. She also admitted at that time that she knew Swaney was married and had children.

Swaney, who is 25 years old, was wearing the uniform of a United States infantryman when arrested. He also wore a wound stripe he said he received when a German bullet caught him in the knew. With the McDowell girl he was arrested as he was about to board a train at Schoolfield. He was said to have jumped a board bill there.

He will likely be brought back here to be tried in Federal court, since white slave cases are disposed of in the state in which they originate. It was not known yesterday if an indictment charging incest against Swaney would be brought.

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