Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Old Is New Again, WUNC Radio

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The state extension's division of Family & Consumer Sciences is celebrating 100 years of service. What was first called 'Home Demonstration' and later 'Home Economics' has undergone many changes since 1911. Carolyn Dunn is the state's associate program leader for Family and Consumer Sciences. She says in many ways, the program has come full circle.

Carolyn Dunn: 100 years ago, we helped farm women to preserve food and feed family. Now, we have a generation or two of women who don't know how to prepare simple meals for family. We've relied too much on processed foods and fast foods and eating out. So we're having a push to consume more local foods and prepare them very simply in your own home.

Dunn says the program makes use of a variety of technology and social networking sites to reach families with essentially the same information. An event celebrating the 100th anniversary will be held tomorrow at NC State's Mckimmon Center. Jane Mckimmon was North Carolina's first 'home demonstration' agent -- one of only five in the country.

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