Sunday, August 14, 2011

1918 Consumers Also Had Blues

The following press release was written by Frank Jeter, Extension Editor, North Carolina State College, in 1943.

Old-Timers Can Remember When Rationing Was Strict On Them

COLLEGE STATION, Raleigh, March 14—Many of the present generation feel that they are making great sacrifices to the war effort with so many items rationed today and more rationing yet to come. Oldtimers will member, however, that not everything was all roses during World War No. 1.
Editor Frank H. Jeter of N.C. State College, has uncovered a 25-year-old poem which tells about conditions when Herbert Hoover was national food administrator. The poem, entitled “O.U. Hoover,” follows:

My Tuesdays are meatless,
My Wednesdays are wheatless,
I am getting more eat-less each day.
My Home it is heatless,
My bed it is sheet-less,
                They’re all sent to the Y.M.C.A.

My club rooms are treat-less,
My coffee is sweet-less,
                Each day I get poorer and wiser,
My stockings are feetless,
My trousers are seatless,
                My God, but I do hate the Kaiser.

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