Thursday, August 4, 2011

Newsprint Shortage Ends, Farm Page Returns, 1948

From the Kinston Free Press, Sept. 11, 1948
The Free Press is glad to say to its large clientele of farmer readers that beginning Monday next it has made plans to give more farm news. In fact the Farm Page, which was carried prior to the acute shortage of newsprint and the necessity there from of curtailing space, will be resumed.
An effort will be made to carry a variety of farm news. With the continued cooperation of Frank Jeter, agricultural editor at State College, and Farm Agent Joe Koonce of Lenoir County and other agricultural authorities, it is the hope of the management to make the farm page one of real value and interest.
The Free Press, as its readers know, has long been an advocate of a balanced farm program. This paper is convinced that this section, while deriving great benefit from its chief money crop—tobacco, has the possibilities of a varied and balanced program, which if properly worked will bring in a steady income the year round.
There is a wonderful opportunity for more livestock. With a packing plant in Kinston, which is said to be the very last word in such plants, with a capacity far exceeding the present local production, it is not difficult to look ahead and see the possibilities.
This section of East Carolina has the possibilities of becoming more of a dairy center. There is no reason in the world why milk products should be imported from Wisconsin or other middle western states, when the possibilities of home production are realized.
The Free Press hopes that its farm page which will be run on Mondays regularly hereafter will be an incentive and stimulant for better farming.

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