Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Must Feed Our Boys at the Front, 1943

The soldiers on the fighting front, the people of the United Nations, and the civilians of countries won back from axis control are looking to the United States for food, Frank H. Jeter, agricultural editor of North Carolina State College, told members of the Kiwanis Club last night at their weekly meeting.

“Just as hungry little American boys and girls of a few years ago came running into the house asking their mothers for food and knowing for a certainty that there was something to eat in the safe,” Mr. Jeter said, “these same boys, grown up and in uniform, are now looking to the United States to see that they have the food they need.

Food supplies of America’s allies, he said, are insufficient and must be supplemented by shipments from America. And he quoted a letter written from Oran [a city in Algeria] by an American soldier, telling of the famished little children who greeted the invaders and of the efforts made to feed the populace of the lands occupied by the American troops.

Food production goals for 1943 have been set far above those of last year, Mr. Jeter pointed out, despite the fact that North Carolina in 1942 harvested the biggest crop of all history. “War is a hearty eater,” he reminded his audience. But he assured the Kiwanians that farmers are doing their share, and he cited instances of sacrifices and work with Tar Heel farmers are making.

Mr. Jeter pointed out that behind the record crops and the processed foods are the scientists who devote their lives to improving crops and fighting plant diseases and pests; the agents of the Extension Service who carry the story of better methods to the farmers; and cooperating with them are 29,000 neighborhood leaders and 100,000 4-H club members in North Carolina who are going all-out for the war effort.

Neill M. Smith, chairman of the club’s agriculture committee, introduced the speaker. Alex S. Watkins, club president, presided at the meeting.

Guests included R.D. Buchan and Ray Hill with Neill M. Smith; W.W. Parker with S.J. Lane Jr.; G.T. Robertson with J.W. Sanders; Frank Hicks with A.H. Moore; T.A. Stone with W.R. Fesperman; and R.B. Taylor with W.C. Cates.

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