Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farm Cash Receipts Down, 1953

From Extension Farm-News, July 1954 issue

Farming in North Carolina yielded somewhat lower cash receipts last year than in 1951 and 1952, reflecting a nationwide trend. Receipts in 1953 came to 94 per cent of 1952 receipts. The 1953 cash farm receipts for the nation dropped slightly less, to 96 per cent of the 1952 receipts.

North Carolina ranked fourth in cash receipts from crops in 1953, with farmers getting $672,434,000. Tar Heel farmers received $211,636,000 from livestock, placing North Carolina 23rd among the livestock-producing states. Total cash receipts—livestock and crops—amounted to $884,070,000 in 1953. The $884,070,000 makes North Carolina the 12th ranking state in cash receipts from farm marketings. 

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