Friday, September 30, 2011

Mount Airy Merchants' Picnic Held in New Veterans Memorial Park, 1947

From the Mount Airy Times, September 26, 1947

Approximately 300 Mount Airy merchants, their employees and guests gathered at the new Veterans Memorial park last Thursday night and enjoyed a real get-together at their annual merchants’ picnic.

It has been the custom for the past few years for all the folk that look across the counters of the various stores and business establishments and serve the wants and needs of all the people of surrounding Mount Airy throughout the year to get together once a year to become better acquainted and enjoy real community fellowship.

This was accomplished in the fullest measure last Thursday evening when everyone enjoyed a sumptuous meal of honest-to-goodness Southern fried chicken, with all the necessary trimmings that go to make up such a feast.

The highlight of the evening was an entertaining and enjoyable address by Frank Jeter, agricultural reporter for the agricultural extension division of N.C. State College. Mr. Jeter very interestingly pointed out some of North Carolina’s proud heritage. He gave early history highlights in the state’s agricultural development and progress to the present time. He also pointed out future possibilities of agricultural development and progress through the conservation of our state’s natural resources and the closer co-operation between the merchants and industrialists of North Carolina and the rural folk, or tillers of the soil.

“Everything we have and are comes from our North Carolina soil,” Mr. Jeter said, “and we want to make our towns and cities and our boys and girls who are to live in them peers to none, and this is possible only if we work together,” he said in closing.

The president of the association, M.A. Thomas, manager of the local store of J.C. Penney Company, presided. Others participating in the program were Mark Goforth, assistant county agent, who introduced the speaker, and William Woodruff, Mount Airy florist.

At the close of Mr. Jeter’s address, the large assemblage adjourned to the park’s clubhouse where they enjoyed dancing.

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