Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January To-Do List for Farm Folk, 1942

Here’s the January to-do list from the January 1942 issue of the Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife

Now Is the Time To:

Saw wood.

Build some bookshelves.

Pay your church pledge.

Hang up a new calendar.

Clean dairy barn windows.

Fix that rotten cellar step.

Order baby chicks—good ones.

Swap stories with your neighbor.

Make out your income tax report.

Remember Aunt Mary’s birthday.

Send for seed and nursery catalogs.

Buy farm seeds. Avoid bargain lots.

Get a few extra electric light bulbs.

Mend and oil harness, get new collars and pads.

Do some of the jobs you won’t have time for in spring.

Have Dobbin fitted with shoes for ice and frozen ground.

Top-dress wheat fields with manure to help grass seed catch.

Look for beauty in the landscape. No two snowdrifts are alike.

Buy sausage seasoning, smoked salt and pickle for home butchering.

Replace the leaking eave trough above the icy spot at the kitchen door.

Feed legume hay and grain to breeding ewes, to prevent pregnancy disease.

Quit making Biddy break ice in the poultry fountain. Get an electric warmer.

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