Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Report on Home Demonstration Work in Orange County in 1950

Report from Mrs. Paul Long, president of the Orange County Home Demonstration Club Council, on county club work in 1950

As we start the New Year, we can look upon the past year’s accomplishments in Orange County with pride. One of the outstanding activities has been in the development of more leadership in the county and clubs by officers training schools and club planning meetings. There has been a greater participation in club meetings by project leaders. Eighty leaders have conducted 62 demonstrations in local clubs with 1,459 in attendance.

Orange County is a small county, mostly rural in population, having 17 Home Demonstration Clubs with an enrollment of 418 women. Seventy new members were gained in the membership drives; 205 visitors were welcomed to one or more meetings. Though rural, the town of Chapel Hill has enjoyed a curb market for the past 12 years. At present there are 25 sellers with total sales amounting to $30,546.20.

Community projects have been numerous. Tram Road, Calvander, and Gravely Hill are working on club houses. Aycock Club has beautified the road intersection in their village. Orange Grove Club has helped in floor finishing and landscaping the new Baptist Church. Mail box improvement has been a county wide project sponsored in cooperation with the agricultural agencies, the Grange, Highway department, and mail carriers in the county.

Two years ago, the county council sponsored a fund to equip a county home demonstration laboratory. In addition to an annual contribution, this year each club has sponsored community sales, suppers, plays, etc., with proceeds going to the laboratory fund.

The citizenship program has received an excellent response in the United Nations Flag Program. In addition to those for schools, churches, and American Legion Posts, 20 were made for the town of Chapel Hill. At a United Nations Day program held on University of North Carolina campus, a flag was presented to Chancellor R.B. House for the University of North Carolina and one to Mayor Pro-tem Hobbs for the town of Chapel Hill. Smith Level Club sent one to the Exchange Club in England.

We are looking forward to a good year in Home Demonstration work in 1951.

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