Saturday, August 17, 2013

Extension Summer School, 1949

Attending Extension Summer School in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1949. First row, left to right: Lawrence Biever, D.B. Robinson, H.C. Ramsower, William S. Gillett, John F. McKee, Robert M. Hall, Russell L. Zell, E.A. Jorgensen, William P. Jones, Harry C. Baird, Mae Belle Smith, Crosby Murray, and May Masten.

Second Row, left to right: George W. Gustafson, J.V. Cain, Ray I. Pestle, D.D. Clinton, C.H. Shannon, Raymond L. Venard, Charles E. Potter, Doris A. Anders, Leatha Christensen, Alverda James, Myrtle Baumann, Julia Morgan, Martha I. Cullop, Deborah Sharp, and Verne C. Beverly.
Third Row, left to right: John W. Magruder, Herbert L. Koch, J.E. Stanley, Floyd F. Collins, Virgil N. Sapp, Karl Knaus, E.J. Weigle, Ruth R. Clark, Beatrice A. Judkins, Virginia Stewart, Eva Legett, Una A. Rice, E.H. Lange, and P.K. Connelly.

Fourth Row, left to right: Josephine Pollock, Anamerle Arant, Mary Louise Collings, B.W. Harrison, Clyde C. Noyes, E.J. Kilpatrick, Gale Peppers, Stasia Lonergan, Fred T. Grimm, Loretta Zastrow, Eileen L. Niedermeier, Isabel Dodrill, Thelma Huber, Ruth Winner, and Archie Johnson.

Top row, left to right: V.W. Anderson, Raymond T. Swenson, Miles G. Rowe, Evelyn R. Morrow, S.M. Gregory, W.A. Sumner, Lloyd E. Lutz, J.W. Merrill, Clara M. Kuhnert, Ella L. Ollanburg, Laverne H. Sawyer, Maud K. Schaub, Ellen E. Gill, Clifford L. Smith, F.S. Sloan, Marlys Richert, Sallie S. Swann, Allen S. Leland, Marian Roberts, Mary Todd, Ann Nygaard, Dorothy Morehouse, T.G. Stewart, Beulah Blackwell, Clara V. Wellman, Jane Ketchen, and A.F. Wileden.

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