Sunday, September 15, 2013

Edgecombe and Edenton Warehouses and American Bank and Trust Co., Ads from 1938 Carolina Co-operator

Edgecombe Bonded Warehouse Co.
Tarboro, North Carolina
Capacity: 28,158 Bales of Uncompressed Cotton
North Carolina’s Largest Warehouse Adjacent to the Virginia Seaboard.
American Bank and Trust Co.
Monroe, North Carolina
W.H. Wood, President
T.E. Hemby, Vice-President
Olin B. Sikes, Cashier
M.W. Williams, Asst. Cashier
Claude Eubanks, Asst. Cashier
to the
North Carolina Cotton Growers Cooperative Association
Upon its
“Fourteenth Anniversary”
Proper Storage Is One of the Essentials of Orderly Marketing
Edenton Bonded Warehouse
Edenton, N.C.                    J. Clarence Leary, Manager
We Operate Trucks for Hire

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