Monday, January 6, 2014

Guilford County Extension Homemakers' Report for 1950

By Mrs. Leo R. Palmer, Rt. 8, Greensboro, in Tar Heel Homemaker

The year of 1950 has been an eventful one for Guilford County.

In carrying forward our theme of “Better Citizenship,” the past year we have had some outstanding speakers, including Miss Louise Alexander, professor at Woman’s College, at the Federation meeting held in the Alumni House at Woman’s College in the spring; Dr. Clyde A. Milner, president of Guilford College, who was guest speaker at our Achievement Day program. Then in the afternoon Mrs. W. Kenneth Cuyler, our representative to Denmark, brought up a vivid picture of her trip there, followed by an interesting review of the trip to Biloxi by Mrs. Carl Stanfield.

Guilford County has 23 clubs totaling some 900 members. Perhaps we are prouder of the large number of young home makers who are becoming active club women than anything else.

All 23 clubs joined the Betsy Ross organization by making a United Nations flag, and in every instance these flags were used in a special ceremony at a school or church program.

On the theme of Better Citizenship leading to peace, we had a most interesting program on Ladies’ Day at the Guilford County Fair in October. On our program we had 13 foreign-born students representing nine nations: India, Holland, Great Britain, Chile, Germany, Trans-Jordan, Poland, Cuba, Hawaii, and Latvia. These were students form Guilford and Woman’s College except the young woman from Latvia who sand for us, and a young German boy from Summerfield, an exchange student. Meeting these boys and girls was a pleasant experience, mutually, we hope, and we feel a greater means of building understanding between our nations.

No tale is complete without an end. The end to ours is that we started the year in the red, but by increasing our dues slightly, we end the year with a comfortable small sum in the black, in spite of increased demands on our treasury from our growing and progressive Home Demonstration work in Guilford County.

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