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Lincoln County Honors Deana Dellinger, Doris Lail, Polly Reese, 1986

January-March 1986 issue, Tar Heel Homemakers

At the annual Achievement Night in November, Lincoln County added a new award of Outstanding Young Homemaker. The first recipient was Deana Dellinger.

Outstanding Leader was Doris Lail.

Those among the 204 members in 14 clubs reporting their volunteer work last year gave almost 10,000 hours. They made $800 selling apple pies at the county apple festival; made almost $1,000 for the George Stoudemire Scholarship Fund raffling off a quilt they made; sponsored a foster child in South America; sold their own crafts at their annual Quilt Show; promoted EH through store window displays; presented a copy of the national oral history book Voices of American Homemakers to the country library in memory of past county and state president Mrs. H.C. Little; held many workshops and training sessions; and shared their knowledge and talents with thousands of non-members.

Polly Reese was recognized as the county A&P nominee. Pinkie Mosteller and Velma Robertson were named county VEEP winners. Lowesville EHA won the Outstanding Project Award for adoption of a family with four children at Christmas. 

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