Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ruby Parris Named "Angel of the Month" in Rowan County, 1991

“Ruby Parris, Angel of the Month,” by Rebecca Cozart in the Jan.-March 1991 issue of Tar Heel Homemakers

When a story in the Salisbury Post in Rowan County announced an anonymous person was going to present a $500 check monthly to a deserving person in an “Angel of the Month” award to those who help others, busy Extension Homemaker Ruby Parris read it and thought what a wonderful thing for someone to do.

It never occurred to her that she would be the first Angel of the Month.

Helping others has been a special part of Ruby’s life. It began 30 years ago when her husband died, leaving her with small children ages 4 ½ and 17 months. As a young widow, her income was very small, which left her to babysit, clean houses, or anything to earn some money.

Later in life, she was in a very serious car accident, leaving her with a badly crushed leg. If she lived, doctors though she might lose her leg, probably never walk again. She said she promised God that if she could get on her feet again, she would help others and she has been doing that ever since.

Ruby is an outstanding Extension Homemaker. She has been recognized many times with CVU certificates for hours at the VA Medical Center, Rowan Memorial Hospital, Red Cross Bloodmobile, Literacy Council, American Legion Auxiliary, VFW Auxiliary and work at the county, district, and state levels of Extension Homemakers.
After winning the Angel of the Month Award, she said, “You know how they talk about people wearing different hats? I keep my different badges for my volunteer work in the car so they will be ready.”

Yes, Ruby is truly an angel to many people in many different ways. Rowan Extension Homemakers are proud of her.

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