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The War to End All Wars Ends, 1918

 “Terms of the Armistice” Rockingham Post-Dispatch Extra Edition, November 11, 1918

Proclamation by President

At 10 o’clock this morning President Wilson issued the following proclamation:

“My Fellow Countrymen:

The Armistice was signed this morning. Everything for which America has fought has been accomplished. It will not be our fortunate duty to assist by example, by sober, friendly counsel and by material aid in the establishment of a just Democracy throughout the world.”

Wilson Explains Terms

President Wilson appeared before a joint session of the Senate and House at one o’clock today and read to them the agreement which ends the world war. This agreement completely disarms the Huns on land and sea. Exactly 19 months ago the President appeared before a joint session and gave his reasons why the world should be made safe against the Huns.

There are 11 specifications in the Armistice. Briefly, they include the following points: Evacuation of all invaded territory. Withdrawal of German forces to left bank of Rhine and surrender of all supplies of war. Abandonment by Germany of treaties of Bucharest, made with Roumanians, and Brest-Litovsk, made with Russians.

Naval Terms

The naval terms call for the surrender of 160 submarines, 50 destroyers, 6 battle cruisers, 10 battle ships, 8 light cruisers, and other small craft. All Allied vessels in German hands to be surrendered. Germany is required t at once notify all Neutrals that they are at liberty to trade on the seas with the Allies.

Financial Terms

The financial terms require restitution for all damages done by German armies. The return of cash taken from the National Bank of Belgium, and the return of gold taken from Russia and Roumania.

Military Terms

The military terms include the surrender of 5,000 guns, one-half of field and one-half light guns. Surrender of 30,000 machine guns, 3,000 flame-throwers, 2,000 air-planes, 5,000 locomotives, 50,000 wagons, 10,000 motor lorries. Free use of Alsace-Lorraine railways and the stores of coal and iron therein.

Repatriation of Prisoners

Immediate repatriation of prisoners without reciprocal action by Allies. This means that all Allied prisoners now held by Germany must be at once surrendered; but German prisoners now held by Allies will continue to be held.

Withdrawal of Germans

German forces must withdraw at once to left bank of Rhine. Allies shall hold Coblentz, Cologne, Mayence and the chief crossings of the Rhine; also shall hold all bridge-heads in radius of 30 kilometers of Rhine. All German forces to withdraw at once from Russia, Roumania and Turkey, and from East Africa within a month.

Deported Natives to Be Returned

All deported French and Belgians to be returned to their homes within 14 days.

Reveal Location of Mines

The location of all mines, poisoned wells, etc., to be at once revealed.


“Local Items” also on the same page as this article

Provost Marshall Crowder at noon, by order of the President, cancelled all outstanding draft calls, stopping the immediate movement of drafted men to camps. Therefore the men in Richmond county called to go to camps within the next 10 days will not have to go.

There will be a prayer service of thanksgiving at the Methodist church at 7 o’clock. YOU are invited.

Mass meeting will be held at the court house at 8 o’clock for the United War Work Campaign. The brass band will furnish music. Splendid speakers will address the crowd, explaining how it is even just as necessary that the United War Fund Drive succeed now that the peace is declared. The conditions that confront the nation will be outlined. It will be an extremely patriotic rally.

As a gentle reminder, do your Christmas shopping early.

If you have not already contributed to the war work campaign, do it now.

Keep up the food-saving. It will be a long time before normal conditions are restored.

The uppermost thought with the American mother now is “when will my boy come home?”

By the way, while rejoicing, don’t lose sight of your W.S.S. pledge. Fill it between now and Christmas.

Tobe Mosely says he imagines Germany and her allies feel like a fellow does when he has made a bad horse trade.

The Kaiser once said he was “just like Napoleon.” The Allies ought to be able to accommodate him at St. Helena.

Somebody stole a jug of liquor from Ellick Hellwanger Saturday night. Raz Barlow is suspected of the theft, as he was seen with his head tied up Sunday.

In the excitement of the present, bear in mind that the “flu” is still prevalent, and that another epidemic could easily start again. When you go home tonight, gargle your throat with salt water; it MIGHT be a preventative.

A word about the difference in time in France and Richmond county. When it is 12 o’clock in Rockingham, noon, it is 5 o’clock p.m. in Paris, 5 o’clock in London, 5:20 in Amsterdam, and 6 o’clock in Berlin.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 12th, has been set aside by President Wilson as Tri-Color Day, and it will be celebrated as a fitting tribute to the people of the French Republic who have so valiantly battled for freedom.

Cotton ginned in Richmond county to Nov. 1st was 10,633 bales, as compared with 7,167 to same date last year. Owing to the chaotic condition of the world today, the stock and cotton markets of New York and Liverpool were not opened. They will remain closed until Thursday morning. 16 bales cotton bought at Rockingham today. Price 27 ¾ c.

Three marriage licenses were issued Saturday, two whites, one colored:

Percy L. Dawkins and Susie E. Thompson, white.

Jno. R. Brasswell and Danie Bell Chandler, white.

Henry Fairley and Maggie Willis, colored.

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