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Beautiful Winter Scene, Feb. 12, 1920

“A Beautiful Scene” by J.M. Downum, The Watauga Democrat, February 12, 1920

As I sit by my window in my warm room a scene spreads out before me such as no one ever sees in the country east of the Ridge. In fact it may be stated positively that few sections are ever capable of furnishing such a scene.

It is cold and cloudy, the thermometer ranging between 20 and 30, the clouds hanging on the mountains, and the dampness from the air has crystalized on the trees and all outdoor objects….not frozen as ice usually is, for it is neither rain, hail, sleet, nor snow, but the dampness as it was wrenched from the air has crystalized somewhat similar to frost, making the entire forest look as though formed of pearl. This condition has prevailed in all its beauty for more than three days. Often the sun shines out on the scene making it one of the most gorgeous possible to behold. Such a scene is worth going many miles to see, and to the eye of the artist it must present a most tempting picture.

It is quite impossible to give in words an adequate conception of this scene to one who has never beheld it. It must be seen to be fully appreciated, and once seen will ever linger before the mind’s eye as a pleasing picture, as it were, of some fairy land, or shall we say giving us some little faint foresight of the true beauty in that wonderful country beyond the river.

                --J.M. Downum

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