Friday, March 11, 2016

Episcopal Church Ladies Hold Successful Indoor Carnival at the Fox Home, Raise $100 for Church Organ Fund, 1922

Carnival a Success,” from the March 2, 1922 issue of the Rockingham Post-Dispatch
The Indoor Carnival held by the ladies of the Episcopal church last Friday night in the Fox house was quite a success. 150 folks attended. Mrs. Claude Williams held the winning number for the large box of Whitman candy. The various booths and side-shows netted $100 as result of the affair, this going to the church organ fund.
The freaks were amusing—the bearded ladies (Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hinson); tight rope walker (Bud McAulay); fat ladies (Misses Ledbetter and McDonald); Mutt and Jeff (Dr. Fox and John Scales); and the closet with a sign “for men only” and inside a pair of trousers—in fact, the whole affair proved entertaining.
The next thing to be pulled by the Guild will be the annual spelling bee Easter Monday night.

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