Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Grow Squash, 1918

“How to Grow Squash,” from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, as printed in the French Broad Hustler, March 28, 1918

There are two types of squash—the bush varieties, which may be planted 5 and 6 seeds to the hill in hills 4 or 5 feet apart each way, and the running varieties which require more room for their development.

Squash may properly be grown in the garden, as three or four hills will produce all that is required for the average family. They require a rather rich soil, preferably one that is well mixed with rotted manure.

Squash for summer use should be planted as soon as the ground is thoroughly warmed up, which will be about one month after the last killed frost. Such varieties as the Hubbard for fall and winter use may be planted at any time during the spring after the ground is thoroughly warmed up, and will grow the entire season.

They should be gathered in fall, as soon as hard frosts occur. They may be kept in a storage room in the basement or in any cool, dry place. It is necessary t handle them carefully to avoid bruising, or rot is liable to occur.

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