Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Drawing of Draft Numbers for War, 1917

“The Drawing of the Draft Numbers at Washington,” from the High Point Review, July 26, 1917.

The drawing of the prospective soldiers for the United States took place in Washington Friday. Every man who was registered on June 5th was drawn, therefore the list stands the same as ion that day, when each was given a liability number, in the order they registered. For instance, the first man registered was given No. 1, the second No. 2, and so on. The drawing Friday established in addition to the liability number, a service number, which was placed in red ink by the local draft boards on the back of the cards and forwarded to Washington. It was these numbers that were drawn Friday. No. 258 was the first service number drawn at Washington and of course this was liability number 1. The next number drawn was liability number 2, and so on. When the various quotas for the army are to be secured the boards will commence with the government’s liability number 1 and on down the list until enough men are secured, from each district, barring exemptions, when the drafting will cease and those whose names have not been reached this time will likely be reserved for future use. The number on the left of your name designates the liability number.

The Review will be pleased to give any party the information desired as to his numbers or anything pertaining to the draft that we can. Every time a number was drawn Friday, it represented 42,000 men, as there are 42,000 draft districts in the country and the same numbers were used for all the districts.

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