Saturday, July 9, 2016

Giving His Clerk a Raise, Retiring Director of the Mint Says She Taught Him How to Do His Job, 1907

From the Watauga Democrat, July 25, 1907

The first instance on record where a woman was ever given a $2,000 clerkship under the government, developed in Washington this week. Miss Margaret Kelly, a special clerk to the Director of the Mint, was recommended for promotion by Geo. Roberts, the retiring director of the Mint, and the promotion was made by Secretary Cortelyou who raised Miss Kelly from the $1,000 to the $2,000 grade. Such a jump for a woman was unheard of in the government service, but Director Roberts when approached on the subject, said it was merely paying for efficiency, and perhaps not paying as much as the efficiency deserved. He said that Miss Kelly was in the director’s office as a clerk when he came there and that all he knew as Director of the Mint he had learned from her. This was a rather startling admission for a bureau chief to make, but it might be duplicated by many other chiefs if they would give their principal clerks the credit due them. He said Miss Kelly was just as competent of being Director the Mint as anybody, and he was glad she was getting paid in proportion to her services. This ought to be encouraging news for a good many women in the government service in Washington and elsewhere, for it at least indicates that there is no tendency to side track them on account of their sex and that efficient work when seen is rewarded.

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