Wednesday, July 13, 2016

White 4-H Boys Touring World's Fair, Other Places of Interest in New York, 1939

“Young Tar Heel Club Members Go to New York” from the Tuesday, July 25, 1939, issue of the Burlington Daily Times-News

The Young Tar Heel Farmers’ club from Alexander-Wilson school and additional boys from the Wilson and surrounding community left yesterday morning on a trip to the World’s Fair and places of interest in New York. They will stop at Mt. Vernon, Washington, D.C., and on up the Hudson to West Point and Poughkeepsie, N.Y. In the party were S.A. Cooper, agriculture instructor, Aubrey Isley, Stanly Neese, Buddy Wood, Ross Coble, Parker Wood, Wilton Holmes, Elma Albright, Alexander Hamby, Walter McPherson, Casey Johnson, G.C. Hill, Vernon Whitsell, Arlie Phillips, Alfred Worth, Billie Phillips, Odell Whitsell, A.D. Johnson, Maurice Courtenier, and Willard Mundy.

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