Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Delay in Certifying the 1916 National Election of President Wilson

Election disputes, from the editorial page of The Commonwealth, Scotland Neck, N.C., Friday, Nov. 24, 1916

And now at this late hour says the defeated candidate to President Wilson, “excuse me, I am late in sending in my congratulations, but because the election was close I hoped I would win, and you lose, so I have waited as long as there was a shred of hope.”

So the republicans are at it again in Buncombe county in demanding that the canvassing board should certify the returns of November 9th, in other words, without further argument, declare Britt, the republican candidate elected, and not Weaver, whom they say has won.

California’s Secretary Balks
The cat is out of the bag. There always appeared a reason why Hughes and his manager returned to the fastness of their summer homes in November without admitting, or conceding, the election to Wilson.

Now it appears that Frank C. Jordan, Secretary of State for California, refuses to certify the election, and will not issue certificates to presidential electors, because he says that precinct No. 3 of Marysville, an insignificant borough, and the county of Orange, have been slightly irregular in the form of sending in their official returns.

It is stated that this may be a serious matter, and even invalidate the election of President Wilson, though Mr. O.K. Cushing, chairman of the democratic state central committee, does not attach much importance to it, nevertheless it is safe to predict that there is danger in this attitude of the state secretary, and none at this writing can prophecy the outcome, for the republicans are wily and will not be ousted without a great struggle.

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