Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sacrificing Sweets to Win the War, 1917

“Sugar Trimmings,” from the Nov. 1, 1917, issue of The French Broad Hustler. The Hustler, Henderson County’s Leading Newspaper.

Cross off soda fountain and ice cream treats.

Reduce candy consumption. Eat peanut brittle made from molasses and peanuts.

Omit icing from cakes and fancy breads.

Use fruit and nuts, candied honey or maple sugar for cake fillings.

Sweeten fruit drinks with honey or corn syrup.

If you must sweeten breakfast cereals, try figs, dates, raisins, syrup or a light sprinkling of maple sugar.

Use honey, corn syrup, dark syrup or maple syrup with hot cakes and in bread and muffins.
Try cakes that call for honey or syrup instead of sugar.

Tide over the sugar shortage by using now your jellies, jams, preserves and fruits canned with sugar.

Replace white sugar candies with syrup candies, or sweets made from figs, dates, and raisins combined with nuts.

For dessert, serve a fruit salad or fruit omelet; cream cheese with honey or fine preserves; fruit desserts with honey or just enough white sugar to bring out the fruit flavor.

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