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We Do Not Measure Profits and Happiness In Terms of Dollars and Cents, 1936

The “Profits of Life,” from the editorial page of The Clarion, The Brevard College Weekly, May 22, 1936. Editor-in-chief William Davis; Associate editors Odell Salmon and Evelyn Swaringen.
In the course of a single lifetime, there are few persons who are able to profiteer to any great extent financially. If our total happiness were dependent on financial well-being, there would be only a meager percent of our population really happy. We are glad that we do not measure profits and happiness in terms of dollars and cents. Our greatest values and profits for attainment in life are intangible.
What then, are the several profits to be sought by every individual? First, we would choose a good name. “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” The starting point toward success and profiteering lies within every individual’s self, you are the pilot of your life’s destiny! “I am the captain of my soul.” All too often young persons get the idea that what they do early in life doesn’t matter much anyway. Every young person intends to grow into a noble character some time later. If we could only realize that what we are now determines our course in the future, we would act differently oftentimes. A good name which is the corner stone of our character building is a lifetime’s attainment. It is a pure profit which every person must seek.
Secondly, friendships are real profits. Friendship cannot be bought, thank goodness! In order to be a part of a genuine friendship, a person must sacrifice oftentimes to show herself friendly. It is a give and take affair. The rewards of true friendship are inestimable. It is one of our most valuable aspirations—yes, it is intangible! It is not a monetary bargain.
Thirdly, we hasten to give the supreme profit for which life was created, and it is inclusive of a great many others we could mention. The greatest profit of all life is “Eternal Life,” which is the reward of life well lived. It comes at the end of our journey. If our ideals are in this direction and we are reaching toward this major profit with an uttermost ability, all other worthwhile profits to be gained in life automatically lie in our pathway.
Therefore, let us determine as young persons to begin now toward true profiteering. A life invested in finding real values is never empty or hopeless. Let us not set ourselves to the task of seeking early fame or honor; but through constant persistence in an effort to gain genuine profits, we will find ourselves happy and serviceable.

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