Monday, February 12, 2018

J.W. Randolph's Ideas About Running a Drug Store, 1935

From the Feb. 8, 1935 issue of The Independent, Elizabeth City, N.C.

J.W. Randolph’s Ideas About How to Run a Drug Store

J.W. Randolph, Elizabeth City realtor, fell heir to a drug store last week. To be exact he made a casual bid for the stock and fixtures of the Albemarle Pharmacy when it was put up at a creditors’ sale recently. His bid was less than $1,000. Last week he learned that he was the successful bidder.

Mr. Randolph employed Leslie J. Twiford as manager and opened the store last Friday. Mr. Twiford was employed by F.G. Jacocks, the former proprietor, for several years and is familiar with the stock.

“Now that I am in the drug store business, I’m going to try to make it interesting,” said Mr. Randolph one day this week. “To begin with, I’m going to try to make it as easy to shop in my store as it is to shop in a chain store. Cigars will be open and on top of the case instead of in the case, so a customer can wait on himself. Package confectionaries the same way. And I’m going to have readable price tags on all articles. There is a lot of profit in some of these proprietary medicines and toilet goods; I’m going to mark a lot of prices down.

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