Monday, November 28, 2011

Beaufort County Farmers Vote Unanimously for Freezer Locker Plant, 1945

By Frank Jeter, Extension Editor, N.C. State College, Raleigh, as published in the Greensboro Patriot, Nov. 22, 1945

In eastern Carolina, at Washington, farmers of Beaufort County met with the city folks there the other night to make plans for a freezer locker plant. The 75 farmers present voted unanimously to have such a plant and, out of the numbers attending, 65 signed up for lockers. 

Farmers of the county will get first choice for 60 per cent of the 630 lockers to be provided in the new plant and this, they say, will give them facilities for curing and storing 125,000 pounds of pork at one time. They also say that having such a plant at Washington will enable them to kill meat at any season of the year rather than having to wait for the cold weather of winter. Dan Brady, meat specialist, tells me that at least 200 of these freezer locker plants will be in operation in the state in the next few years.

Back again across the state, community action for the good of future farming is seen in a resolution passed by the Rutherford County Board of Commissioners authorizing the board to accept funds to establish a Rutherford County Farm Youth Foundation. This is similar to action taken in Edgecombe County and Polk County by which funds have been secured to aid young people on the farm to go into the purebred dairy cattle business or any other kind of 4-H Club work.

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