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Home Demonstration Club Winners Named, 1949

From the Lillington News, Nov. 10, 1949

Frank Jeter, extension editor at State College, was the speaker at the annual Home Demonstration Club Achievement Day held last Friday at LaFayette School. Other features on the program include the presentation of prizes and awards, and a dress revue. Fifteen clubs displayed exhibits in the gym, with the Turlington Club taking first place and Angier second. The Friendly Club was third. The Chalybeate Club won the award for being the outstanding club of the year. Mrs. L.B. Smith is the club president.

In the dress revue there were six types of dresses shown. Winners were selected in each group. The winners were Mrs. Harland Adams of Angier, a house dress; Mrs. Howard Height, Buie’s Creek, best dress; Mrs. E.D. McDonald of the Ephesus Club, a feed sack dress; Mrs. W.L. Johnson, Barbecue, remodeled dress; Mrs. Lynn Senter, Kipling, apron; Mrs. Leroy Matthews, Chalybeate Springs, sports dress.

Dressmakers received prizes donated by Lillington merchants.

Judges for the exhibits and the dress revue were Miss Julia Alexander, Lee County home agent; Miss Goldie Knowles, assistant Johnston County home agent; and Mrs. C.I. Thompson, Dunn home economics teacher.
Mrs. W.R. Langdon of Coats, Route 1, who is completing a two-year term as county councils president, presided at the program. Miss Bessie Withers of the Leaflet Club read the devotional. Music was furnished by Mrs. Alton Harrington of Olivia, who played two piano solos and by Mrs. W.B. Lasater and Mrs. John Duncan Shaw, who sang a duet. They were accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Angus Shaw.

The Chalybeate, Kipling and Christian Light clubs served as hostesses to the event. Mrs. Frank Motley extended the welcome and Miss Buie Long of the Friendly Club responded. Mrs. S.R. McKay, county librarian, awarded certificates to the women who had read books from the approved list. There were 34 state certificates, 30 county awards and 7 advanced certificates. The Mt. Pisgah Club received an award for having the highest number of members receiving certificates. Mrs. Rex Johnson and Mrs. N.W. Maness were given special recognition for having attended Farm and Home Week for four years.

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