Thursday, March 29, 2012

Patterson Grange, 1935

March, 1935, issue of the Carolina Co-Operator (formerly The Carolina Cotton Grower)

Patterson Grange Number 616 was among the first to be organized in the state. We are located 10 miles west of Salisbury in Rowan County. We have a nice hall which was enlarged and painted last year. We not only have one of the largest in the state. We have been represented at each state meeting, and we have nine Seventh Degree members.

We meet every Saturday night. On the second Saturday night in each month we have an open meeting known as a “community meeting.” At this meeting we have programs that are both educational and recreational.

Our Grange also owns and operates a small store which is a great help to our members. We have a degree team that has done quite a bit of work in the county, putting on the third degree principally.

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