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Snyders Are Among Lee County Families Entering Farm Home Improvement Contest, 1949

By F. H. Jeter, Editor, Agricultural Extension Service, N.C. State College, as published in the Charlotte Observer, June 20, 1949

In Lee County, Julia Alexander home agent reports that 80 farm families have entered the county-wide home and farm improvement contest staged this year by the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. One of the typical farm families to enter the contest are the Snyders—Mr. and Mrs. O.K. Snyders of Jonesboro Heights, Route 6, Sanford.

Mr. Snyder is one of Lee County’s better tobacco growers and Mrs. Snyder is president of the High 53 Home Demonstration Club. She also is an active leader in all community affairs. The interesting thing about this particular farm family is that the members work together and they plan together as a team. They do much to foster recreation in the community and allow the use of their tobacco pack house as a hall for square dancing when farm work is not so pressing. Here the young folks of the community meet for wholesome recreation and the older ones forget, for a few hours, their work and cares.

The Snyders have long needed some improvements on their home. It was built of wonderful timber, as most old farms were in the past, but it had never been painted nor properly underpinned. They had a good well with an adequate supply of pure cold water. The place where the home is located is likewise one of the most desirable spots on the farm. So Mr. and Mrs. Snyder decided that rather than build a new home, they would improve the old one. The added a large living room, a new dining room, and a new kitchen. They weather-boarded the entire structure, cut new windows where desirable, and gave the whole thing a coat or two of white paint.

Now they have a new home. A porch was added, new furniture was purchased, draperies were placed at the windows, venetian blinds were put up and rugs secured for the floors. A new curb and top were put on the well and, in all, the Snyders estimate that they have spent $2,700 in improving the place. The kitchen has a new electrical stove and there are plenty of convenient cabinets and storage closets. As yet, the home does not have running water but Mrs. Snyder says that is coming next, along with much improvement in the yard this fall.

The old home would never be recognized in the new place which the Snyders enjoy today. It took a lot of hard work and much money earned by long days in the fields, but the results justify the effort.

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