Sunday, December 8, 2013

Branch Banking & Trust Co., Wilson, NC, 1934

From an advertisement for Branch Banking & Trust Company in Wilson, N.C., as published in the Carolina Co-operator, December, 1934

The mayor of South Boston, Va., has urged farmers to deposit their warehouse checks in a bank and check money out as needed because "with two million dollars turned loose here in the past six weeks for tobacco alone," the "tricksters and skin game artists" have already swindled a number of farmers.

The mayor's message reminds farmers that bank deposits are insured up to $5,000 and the banks are much safer than "coffee cans, pockets, and bureau drawers."

It is a timely and needed warning. You will find the Branch Banking & Trust Company is a good place for both checking and savings accounts. Deposits here are protected by both the Federal Deposit Insurance and by our sound assets and careful management.

Capital and surplus $1,200,000.00

S.H. Anderson, Chairman of the Board

H.D. Bateman, President
R.E. Harris, Assistant Vice-President
J.D. Bobbitt, Assistant Cashier
S.S. Lawrence, Vice-President and Cashier
W.G. Smith Jr., Assistant Cashier
J.M. Sherwood, Assistant Cashier
E.B. Crow Jr., Trust Officer
J.E. Paschall, Assistant Cashier
W.B. Piner, Assistant Trust Officer
R.B. Cheatham, Auditor

Wilson, North Carolina

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