Monday, December 30, 2013

'Endless Chain' Pig Club in Mecklenburg County Is Success, 1949

By F.H. Jeter, Extension Editor, N.C. State College, as published in the Charlotte Observer, Dec. 19, 1949

Ray A. Kiser says that the endless chain pig club in Mecklenburg County is proving to be a great boon to the people also. This club has been underway over there now for three years, and the boys have grown out nice hogs. Purebred gilts have been passed on to other club members, and local farmers have been supplied with pork animals for a family meat supply.

The people of the county are having nicer and better meat on their tables because of the better hogs in their pens. These hogs were improved through the work of the endless chain pig club. The Mecklenburg 4-H club members met with those from Cabarrus County the other evening, out at the St. John’s Lutheran Church near Concord. There, prizes were awarded for the good work done in growing and exhibiting their pigs this past season.

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