Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hal Price of Pineville Putting Learning in Action, 1949

By F.H. Jeter, Extension Editor, N.C. State College, as published in the Charlotte Observer, Dec. 19, 1949

An unusual and interesting bit of work is being done in Mecklenburg County now by young Hal Price of Pineville, Route 1. Hal has been a member of the 4-H wildlife club for over two years and has attended two of the camps held for these club members in late August at the Sandhill 4-H camp near Hoffman. 

Hal has come home from these camps and attempted to put into practice some of the good things learned at the camps, and now he has been commissioned to make a study of the mourning dove. He has secured traps and will catch the doves, leg-band them and release them according to an agreement he has with the State Wildlife Commission. He is assisting the commission in gathering all the data possible on the dove.

Hal is not only a student of wildlife but he also has a great influence in stimulating more interest in conserving the little wild creatures of the woodland and fields and streams of the Pineville section.

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