Sunday, December 22, 2013

Helen J. Bess Wins National Volunteer Award, 1976

From National Notes, published by the National Extension Homemakers Council, December, 1976

Mrs. Cregg (Helen) Bess of Gastonia, 1977 state Safety Chairman, has been recognized for her efforts in organizing the Gaston County Concerned Citizens for Justice program.

Statewise, she won first place in the 1976 Adult Individual Award given by the North Carolina Rural Safety Council, and the Concerned Citizens for Justice placed fourth in the same awards program.

Nationally, Mrs. Bess was awarded one of the coveted National Volunteer Awards. This citation from the National Center for Voluntary Action reads:

The National Volunteer Awards—established to seek out and recognize, and thus inspire and encourage, extraordinary volunteer achievement in communities throughout the United States.
Concerned Citizens for Justice—Mrs. Helen J. Bess whose distinguished volunteer service has improved the quality of life in the community. This achievement is worthy of national recognition by the National Center for Voluntary Action. George Romney, Chairman.

In a personal letter to Miss Bess, Mr. Romney said, “I am happy to inform you that your group has been selected as a Citation Winner for the National Center for Voluntary Action 1975 Awards Program.  The panel of judges agree that your group is truly deserving of national recognition.

The National Volunteer Awards Program is an important part of the National Center for Voluntary Action’s major goal: to stimulate new responses to America’s most pressing needs through the greater recognition, utilization and coordination of volunteers. Your recognition is for exemplary volunteer activities in the community.

We hope that millions of other people will follow your lead and continue to be motivated to become volunteers. We truly believe that through the contributions of millions of private citizens working together we can directly improve the quality of life for every person in America.”

Our congratulations and appreciation go to Helen Bess and to the Extension Homemakers of Gaston County for the work they are doing.

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