Friday, December 20, 2013

Hunter Family 'Adopts' Neighbors' Kids, 1943

From the “Our Women Speak” column in the Progressive Farmer, December 1943 issue

Adopt the Neighborhood

In one Southern community at least, folks are not worrying about gas rationing or the rubber shortage,” writes Mrs. S.L. Coleman, Greenville, S.C. “They are too busy having good times at home. In Greenville County, out at Quadruple Springs Farm, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hunter have fitted up a recreation room and ‘adopted’ the neighborhood since they have no children of their own. This generous couple keeps ‘open house’ the year-round, and neighbors of all ages like to gather there on summer afternoons as well as on winter evenings. For that reason, the country youngsters of this community are content without tearing off to the city and shows, and even the parents are beginning to form ‘gangs’!”

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