Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Should 200,000 Homeless Young Women Be Eligible for Civilian Conservation Corps? 1933

“Forest Camps For Women Are Proposed” from the June 3, 1933 issue of Happy Days, Newspaper Of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Camps for women, too?

That is what is being talked in Washington.

Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wife of the President, is interested in the project. The women would be put in reforestation nurseries.

Labor Department estimates show that approximately 200,000 young women in the United States are homeless and in need of aid.

Mrs. Roosevelt said at the White House that she has received some letters on the subject and that she has turned these letters over to Miss Frances Perkins, secretary of labor in President Roosevelt’s cabinet, with the suggestion that a sweeping inquiry be made into the situation to determine if the need for camps for women is sufficiently emphatic to warrant their establishment.

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