Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jokes from The Southern Planter, 1937

“Just For Fun” from the January, 1937, issue of The Southern Planter

“It may be so,” said Uncle Joe,

“How Silence is mankinds’ best bet;

But in our pens are cacklin’ hens’

The quiet ones, By Gosh, we’ve et.”


Mess Cook: “Did you say you wanted those eggs turned over?”

Soldier: “Yeah, to the Museum of Natural History.”


A woman has two views of a secret. Either it’s not worth keeping or it’s too good to keep!


“That means fight where I come from!”

“Well, why don’t you fight then?”

“Cause I ain’t where I come from.”


It’s not so much the cost of the car that worries the prospective owner, but the upkeep.

And sometimes the turnover.


“Does Mr. Bilks pay his debts?”

“Yes, he returns our snow shovel in spring and borrows our lawn mower.”


Teacher: “What do you understand by the word deficit, Johnny?”

Johnny: “It’s what you’ve got when you haven’t got as much as you had when you had nuthin’.”


Teacher: “Who lived in the garden of Eden?”

Little Girl: “The Adams.”

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