Thursday, October 22, 2015

Senator Overman Tells Country to “Sit Steady and Don’t Rock the Boat” During Hard Times, 1914

Sit Steady in Hard Times, Recommends Senator Overman, from The Watauga Democrat, Boone, N.C.,  Oct. 8, 1914

Senator Overman has given the best advice we have yet seen to those of us who are apprehensive about the financial situation and that is “sit steady and don’t rock the boat.” Those who see trouble and distress ahead are rocking the boat. Calamity howling is the most contagious thing in the world. Our leading financiers in a time like this are unusually pessimistic. They have more reason to be perhaps than others, for they have more at stake; but the more they complain and the louder they prophesy evil, the harder they have made their own path. A sunny temper and a hopeful smile are worth more than silver and gold when the financial clouds hang low. To sit steady now requires a good deal of fortitude, but everything depends on it. It is folly to rock the boat. Let the waves do that. Besides, no man knows what the outcome of all our trouble will be. The war may end as suddenly as it began. It is too bloody and brutal to last very long. When peace is made, business will pick up, confidence will be restored and good times will break upon us like the breaking of the day.

Cotton will not be a profitable crop this year. It cannot be [because buyers in Europe are at war and are not buying], but the likelihood that it will bring at least 8 cents. Creditors must be patient. They cannot afford to rock the boat either. We do not need a moratorium. A law enacted for the purpose of dodging a debt or even to defer the payment of it would demoralize our society and work untold injury. It will be a thousand fold better if our people will agree to be patient with each other and try and adjust themselves to the peculiar financial conditions that surround us. Frenzy never solved any sort of a problem, financial or otherwise. It is a bad time to get rattled and lose reason. Now is the time for poise and sanity and clear, honest thinking. And never forget that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

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