Friday, December 9, 2016

Divorces Granted, Lawsuits Settled in Rockingham County, Dec. 9, 1920

Superior Court, from the Rockingham Post-Dispatch, Dec. 9, 1920

The December term of Superior Court lasted two days, but Judge McElroy remained over until tonight to hear motions, etc.

Five divorces were granted—3 to whites and 2 to colored. These were:

Bessie Floyd from Wade Floyd.

L.V. Privett from Sweete Privette.

J.A. Hathcock from Kate Hathcock.

J.B. Thomas from Bessie Thomas.

Lillie Davis from M.C. Davis.

In other court business:

Union Building Inc. vs R.G. Saleeby; ejectment suit from Hamlet. After selecting jury, the case was continued, the defendant to pay the costs up to and including this term.

L.E. Dye vs. Robert Morrison; ejectment. Jury finds in favor of Dye upon peremptory instructions. Defendant appeals. Error! Bookmark not defined.

J.F. Moore vs. J.P. Cooper and W.W. Adcock; foreclosing mortgage on auto and cow. Jury awards full amount of balance due ($285).

Linwood McLaurin vs. Great Falls Mill. Jury awards $500 to plaintiff.

Frank Gillis vs. Luray Mills. Consent judgement for $500.

Mrs. Alice Gibson et al vs. Junior Order. Suing for $500 insurance alleged due her late husband. After plaintiff’s evidence was introduced, the Judge ordered her case non-suited.

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