Monday, December 5, 2016

Federal Government to Help High Point Build Hydroelectric Plant, 1938

“City Seeks Power Plant,” from the New York Times, December 22, 1938

High Point, N.C., Would Obtain $6,492,600 from PWA

The Federal Power Commission has received an application from the city of High Point, N.C., for a major license for a 30,000 horsepower hydroelectric development to be constructed on the Yadkin River about twelve miles southwest of Winston-Salem and to be connected with High Point by two 26-mile transmission lines. The undertaking would be financed by a PWA loan of $3,571,000 and a PWA grant of $2,021,600—a total of $6,492,600.

It is proposed to distribute energy to industrial establishments in High Point and to the city’s present distribution system.

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