Saturday, January 28, 2017

12-Year-Old Ellen Barrow Raised Chickens This Year Will Pay for Year in College, 1950

From Extension-Farm News, published by the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service at N.C. State University, January, 1950.

“One hundred chicks will pay a year’s expense at college,” says Ellen Barrow of Jones County, a 12-yearpold 4-H Club girl who has just completed her 1949 poultry project.

Doubting Thomases may raise their eyebrows at Ellen’s statement, but she has the proof, says G.T. Wiggins. Following is an account of her project in her own words:

“The chicks given me were properly taken care of with only three dying. I have furnished chickens and eggs for family use which paid for the grain fed to them. Ten chicks were cockerels which I sold for $15 , and 12 were returned to the farm agent to be sold.

“The remaining 78 have laid 11,016 eggs, 8,719 of which I sold for $365.80. I received $10 prize money. I had enough money to pay for the starting and growing mash.

“After all expenses have been deducted and I sell the remaining chickens, I will have enough money to buy five $100 government bonds, which I believe will pay my tuition, room, and board for one year in college.”

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